How to decorate your Christmas tree

Your Christmas tree will be the centre piece of your homes festive looks so grab a bottle of mulled wine, turn up the Christmas party songs and let’s get creative.

Tree Location

Pick a location that is as cool as possible, far away from radiators and fires. This will prevent it from drying out too much ahead of the big day. Ideally having a plug socket near, avoiding any trailing wires along floors. Standing your tree in a location that doesn’t involve ‘brushing past it’ will help keep your creation intact for the festive period.

Measuring up and standing up

Once the space for your tree has been picked measure the width, depth and ceiling height. don’t forget you’ll need to factor in the tree topper and the tree stand. Make sure to pick a stand that’s going to hold your tree up nice and straight and one that can hold plenty of water – ideally you should check the water levels every two days.

Light it up

Decide on the lights you want to use for our tree. (Make sure they work before you start!!) White lights are perfect for a traditional theme, giving a classic and inviting look. Or if you’re after a more contemporary and modern theme then multi -coloured might be for you. Start at the top of the tree and drape around the whole of the tree pushing the lights in to the branches to hide the cables, work all the way down the tree weaving them around every major branch


Next, it’s the ribbon, garland, beads or tinsel to be added. This will add in the texture to your tree. Again, start at the top and work your way around the tree to the bottom.

Baubles and Ornaments

Now to add the ornaments and baubles to the tree. Invest in some cheaper multi packs, ‘filler’ baubles to help fill out your tree and creating a luxurious, full look. Spread your favourite ornaments and baubles in more prominent locations and evenly around the tree. Always a good idea to keep the more expensive decorations at the top of the tree to prevent any breakages.


Finally, it’s time to add your tree topper of choice. Whether that be a traditional Angel, star or you may have something that your children have made.

Now sit back, grab yourself that glass of mulled wine and enjoy your creation!

Once the festive period is over, why not decorate it for all the wildlife outside your house! Place your tree somewhere in the garden easily viewable from your window. Make ornaments out of bread, nuts and vegetables, hang these on your tree and watch the animals and birds feeding from the comfort and warmth of your home!