Nordman Fir

  • The UK’s favourite Christmas Tree
  • Structured pyramid shape
  • Excellent needle retention
  • Strong, layered dark green branches
  • Easy to decorate and child/pet friendly

Fraser Fir

  • Americas favourite Xmas Tree
  • Excellent needle retention
  • A rich spicy, citrus aroma
  • A slimmer and more compact tree than the Nordman Fir
  • Soft needles making it an excellent choice for children and pets

Blue Spruce

  • In 2014 we received the best other Spruce award for growing the best Blue Spruce in the UK!
  • Striking blue colour
  • Very spikey to touch – not good for children and pets!
  • No longer available due to very low demand
  • Growing alternative – ready for 2024!

Norway Spruce

  • Traditional Christmas Tree from the Victorian era
  • Classic Pine fragrance
  • A full bushy tree
  • Short, prickly needles
  • Needle retention is good providing they are well watered
  • Good choice for outdoor trees
  • Harvested later for freshness, available from 10/12/19